About Us

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Bibiana, established in 2001, is a leading fashion house based on handicraft and traditional hand embroidery with a vision to merge retail fashion with traditional craft in mind. Bibiana works with around 10000 artisans with a variety of clientele, from young to old, wealthy, and modest. We work around the idea of bringing forward the many skillsets of the people in Bangladesh to the shop floors and wardrobes in our homes.

The value of pure craftsmanship and local materials is priceless to us, and so once the beginning we have focused to provide this level of quality to our clientele, but remaining fair to all people, creators, and buyers alike. We keep in mind the need for a fair price when it comes to the raw materials, producers, and artisans for their exclusive craftsmanship. Getting the raw products and embroidery pieces where every single process done manually as well as fairly is not an easy job to do. Therefore, it is vital that we build Bibiana brick by brick, yarn by yarn.

We are extremely passionate about the Bengali Culture. We work with a whole variety of hand embroidery, working on the purest forms of cotton which are of Bangladeshi heritage. We love the concept of giving each and every product a touch of our rich heritage. We also celebrate the many festivities all year round along with special launches during the major festival like Boishakh (which is the celebration of Bangla New Year) and Eid-ul-Fitr.


Our product ranges from daily casual wear to exclusive bridal and traditional wear for women, man and kids, all with a strong sense of heritage and style. We have also introduced household products such as bed covers, cushion covers. Additionally, accessories such as metal jewelry, bags, and sandals were added to the clothing line a few years back. One of the recent concepts we have been working around for our newer collections has been around the warmest color and gorgeous hand embellishment.


We are also very proud to be able to say that amongst the 15000 artisans all over the country working for Bibiana, they are mostly woman. They do their household work, take care of their children and then do the hand-stitched master piece on the spare time and add an income for the family and education for their children.


We are always interesting in working with our root, our people and our tradition with our cultural values. We have flourished the rich past of our heritage with our capability and we hope to do much of the same with Bibiana, taking the crafts of the Bangladeshi people to the many customers all over the world.